Massada Tour

Explore Ancient Ruins on Your Massada Tour

While in the dead sea we will be visiting Masada, which is an awesome experience. It's incredible to look over the view and imagine all the history that has taken place in this one spot. It also makes for a great photo op with the Dead Sea in the background. When you book a Massada tour with me, I will take you to the top of this ancient desert fortress and tell you all about it.

Once we've reached Masada we will go to the top in the cable car where you can see the well-preserved archaeological excavations, which were built by King Herod. Also part of this stop on the tour will be the synagogue, a Roman-style bath house and store rooms with mosaic tile floors, and King Herod's palace which includes three rock terraces.
On our return trip we will extend our visit into an Ein Gedi tour of the natural springs. This is where David hid from King Saul and its name translates to "spring of the kid". It has become one of the most popular nature sites in all of Israel.
Lastly, we will make a stop at the caves of Qumran where the 2,000 years old Dead Sea scrolls were discovered. Although some of these caves are natural, some are also man-made.
When you come to Israel, I would be happy to take you on a Massada tour and Ein Gedi tour. Please feel free to email me if you have any questions before booking. I look forward to showing you around and sharing with you my knowledge of this country!