Caesarea, Haifa, Rosh HaNikra, and Acco Tour

Israel's Northern Coast Will Enchant You During the drive to Caesarea

The northern coast of Israel is a place unlike any other. Its beauty is astounding and many of my guests claim it as their favorite place to visit.
Caesarea Tour
We will start by touring the ancient Roman port city of Caesarea. Here, we will see the amphitheater, hippodrome, and the ruins of various palaces, temples, and bathhouses.


Caesarea is a magnificent site, a national park where amazing ancient harbor ruins, beautiful beaches, and impressive modern residences sit side by side. Named by Travel & Leisure as the best tourist spot in the Middle East in 2020, Caesarea is originally an ancient Herodian port.

Caesarea National Park is one of, if not Israel’s, most impressive archaeological site. The beautifully restored harbor here was built by King Herod and is a work of engineering marvel. The site is a fascinating place to explore and the museum includes a great multimedia explanation of the history of the port.

Next, we will be in Haifa on the terraced Bahai Gardens on Mt. Carmel will be the terraced Bahai Gardens on Mt. Carmel. We will have a panorama view check out of the port city of Haifa and learn about the Bahai faith and the Templers. We will also hear the story of the German Templars that settled in Haifa at the end of the  19 century.
In the crusader city of Acre, we will tour the crusader fortress which was built in the 12th century. We will also visit the Ottoman structures and a former Turkish and British Mandate citadel prison.
When we reach Rosh HaNikra, you will see the Head of the Grotto. At this beautiful site, we can experience cave chambers and tunnels that were created by waves crashing against the rocks.

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